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Human Machine Interface


Example of Human Machine Interface touchscreen Omron (N series), representing an automatic feeder (10 heads and 5 line), completely synoptic (immediate to learn), combined to a PLC Omron CJ-CPU21

Vibrators control and relative photocell

Charging system vision, real status of hopper and controls

Cyrcular vibratos and traverse belt

Exit catenary, with vision of effective presence of product on it

Instructions and special orders page

A damage generates an alarm, who is visualized with a pop up windows

Human Machine Interface assembled on an automatic feeder at two heads weighing/count.
In this case, HMI panel is a Siemens Touch, coupled in PPI witha PLC Siemens S7-224XP.

Home Page

Control page of feeder, with choise possibility between count mode and combined weighing/count mode (with calculation)

Autotune function page of the feeeder

Weighing machine control page, directly on touchscreen.

The manual tuning of the weighing machine is really easy, with two button and one weigh

The inverters are directly programmed by PLC (with modbus connection)

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