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They take metal particle and reject polluted products.
They form by a survey head, an ejector ( electropneumatic or only pneumatic) and a trasporter belt.
They can to work apart, or series as your production line, in this second popssibility, the belt speed will be automatically altered in function of the speed of your line.
Our metal detectors warrant: respect of normative law, final conmsumers safeguard and a better machineries protection.

Safeguard of the health of the consumer:

In the productive trials, can to happen that some metallic contaminants, due to breakdowns in the fittings, is accidentally present in the product in workmanship.
To protect the health of the consumer, the Soster Automation proposes some applications of Metaldetector, in collaboration with the German multinational Sartorius

Metal-detector standard, with support, belt, survey head and electrical panel.

Will be maked in Inox AISI 316 for a cheese factory.

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Electrical panel for a metaldetector witn normal start

The power suppply normally is 380V.

The survey head is of the multinational Sartorius.

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