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Soster Automation product a vast scale of feeeders, for bread-sticks and many other products (standard or irregular) and of many diameters.


They take metal particle and reject polluted products.
They form by a survey head, an ejector ( electropneumatic or only pneumatic) and a trasporter belt.

They can to work apart, or series as your production line, in this second popssibility, the belt speed will be automatically altered in function of the speed of your line.

Our metal detectors warrant: respect of normative law, final conmsumers safeguard and a better machineries protection.

Weight belt:

End-line control system

End-line controls provide metal polluters lock, bad for health, and effective quantity of declared contents in packaging.
Such necessity impose to use combinated systems metaldetector + weight control, making then it possible to compact your line and contain costs compared to two separeted machineries
Some apllication over standard are part of our production.

Modular belts:

We project and make directly all about trasport of your products, either loose or packed.
For bread-stick or pharmaceutical test-tube, for packing or box, we create the belt able to your exigence.

Ou start from cheap solutions with simple start/stop, to machineries with inverters able to generate small acceleration and deceleration, for to avoid sharp movements, until controlled belts by inverters, where speed has to can be changed and controlled.

Compact lines for "Torcetti" productions:

The "TORCETTO" at butter it a confectionery product typical of Piedmont, very appreciated in Lanzo Dales, in Ivrea, and Biella Contes.
This diffusion at national and then international level started in 1980, and since this year Soster works to perfecting production on industrial level of this sweet product.

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